Ways To Change The Body/Land


Inspired by my experience as a transgender person from a family of geologists and ecologists, Ways To Change The Body/Land is a series of instruction works that describe ways that  a body or landscape (a body/land) is changed in social, political, cultural, physical or ecological contexts.  These instructions are abstract, and relate to the assigning of identity and use-value, inciting a call to action but not assigning the power that is needed to follow through. This leaves room for questions- if one wanted to change a body/land by assessing value, what kind of value should be assessed? Would taking out a life insurance policy assess value? Would estimating available resources assess value? All of these works seek to acknowledge the constant flux of a body/land in a perpetual state of becoming. Although I do not believe that landscapes and bodies are qualitatively the same, I believe that we assign meaning to both in similar ways.

Ongoing instructions for changing a body/land are posted on Twitter and Facebook.

Exhibited at City Arts (Baltimore), Hoffmansgaleri (Reykjavik), Goucher College Gallery (Towson, MD). Published in Undercurrents: Journal of Critical Ecology vol 19 from York University Press.