The Wave of Mutilation

2015, Inflatable Sculpture and infographic.

The Wave of Mutilation is a semipermanent wave off of the coast of Samesies Island. The wave appeared when a group of transmen decided to set sea in search of utopia, and were carried to an area of sea trash that they constructed in the shape of a pregnant seahorse to form Samesies Island. Once believed to be the only means to arrive on Samsies Island, theWave of Mutilation is now understood to be a myth. It is notable that variations of the Samesies myth of The Wave of Mutilation exist across many gender variant communities, This monument stands as a permanentreminder of the reclamation of the very idea of mutilation, and the variety ofways that Samesies can healthily arrive in utopia.

Jack Pinder singing a cover of “Wave of Mutilation” by the Pixies.