Cultivating Preparation/Preparing Cultivation

The rhetoric in our current culture of fear reminds us that we must constantly be preparing ourselves for the next big disaster. services united is interested in investigating the language used around emergency preparedness to produce a different kind of emergency preparedness. What’s the emergency? Our food system is dependent on fossil fuels, people do not have access to organic, healthy and wholesome affordable foods in many neighborhoods in Baltimore, and throughout the United States due to geographic location or monetary reasons.

seed bombs: services united seed bombs packs consist of 3 seed bombs with sweet clover, black-eyed susans and thyme seeds with a self-addressed post card to map where the bombs have been launched.

emergency preparedness gardens: each emergency preparedness garden kit contains enough organic seeds to grow food in a 100 sq. foot area.

preparing cultivation/cultivating preparation was featured at the 2008 Baltimore Bioneers conference (curated by Peter Brun) and the University of Maryland Baltimore County Teach-In On Sustainability.