The Army That You Have at Current Space, Baltimore, MD 9/17-10/22/2016

4The Army That You Have
Exhibition Duration: September 17 – October 22
Opening Reception: September 17, 7 – 10pm
Gallery Hours: Sat. Sun. noon – 4pm.
Additional Performances and Events to be announced
Current Space: 421 N. Howard St. Balto. MD. 21201

Curated by Marian April Glebes
Artists: T+E+A+M (Thom Moran + Ellie Abrons + Adam Fure + Meredith Miller), Bart O’ReillyJaimes MayhewJosh Copus and Brian Stansbury.
The Army That You Have asserts that we can, as a society at large, rethink and critique disciplinary boundaries of making, process, and product, and posit the hope for a more careful world. They use the most available and ubiquitous material at hand and underfoot: dirt. Collaborations with dirt through force, suggested force and passivism- ridiculous, pluralistic, topical, explosive, meditative, and absurdity­ occupy suggested futures and self aware presence. Always maintaining a posture of futility, this work presents making as an act of creative and personal survival. These artists use dirt as a literal and metaphorical pathway to utopian reconstruction of our received social values and our projected existence, using the material underneath our literal and metaphorical feet as a mechanism to suggest and occupy a greater future and a more responsible now.