Queer Is Where The Heart Is: Baltimore Opens July 27th

This exhibition, zine and mix cd of queer related work will open on July 27th at Metro Gallery in Baltimore. More info about the show is below:

Queer Is Where The Heart Is is a an art exchange organized by Jaimes Mayhew, Kristen Anchor and Andrea Shearer. This exchange between Iceland and the US explores the many nuances of queerness with a special interest in how queerness relates to place.  As a transitory and ever-evolving identity and social group, roughly defined by what we are not, queers are no strangers to claiming place– making home where the heart is — often in the margins, with fluid definitions, in self-defined categories, relationships, and places.  This project includes exhibitions in Reykjavik and Baltimore, an online archive, an exhibition zine, and a compilation music cd.